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I like big boats…

Posted in art by thepaperwalls on April 6, 2009

and I cannot lie.

A lovely image by Stuart Klipper available on 20×200 today:


The penguin overkill of recent years may make this a bit cutesy at first glance, but I think it works beyond that.  Although maybe I just like pretty red boats.


ghost-town geometry

Posted in art, exteriors by thepaperwalls on April 3, 2009

found in North Hollywood, CA.



coffee shop


truth in photography

Posted in art by thepaperwalls on March 31, 2009

I saw this picture last week and haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. I’m the last person to ever glamorize suicide, but this image, as it is as an image, is incredible in the truest sense of the word–challenging my sense of what is or can be.


Photo by Robert Wiles, from LIFE Magazine, 1947.  Evelyn McHale had jumped off of the Empire State Building, clutching her pearl necklace.


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I wish I could credit this photographer properly, but my lack of Japanese skills prevents that.  This photos were borrowed from this site.  They are incredible.






haunted horse

Posted in art, interiors by thepaperwalls on February 21, 2009

Creepy animal paintings and moody chandelier lighting at the Langham hotel in Pasadena.





Posted in art, graphic design by thepaperwalls on January 16, 2009

Calendars are usually purchased in December or January, as resolutions are fresh and the ideas of new beginnings inspire optimism.  This one seemed perfectly suited to my new year’s needs: crazy scientists, climbers, runners, experimenters, volcanos and metal structures…  See for yourself:

calendar  calendar

And the calendar itself is perfectly tiny in comparison. I found this little letterpressed inspiration at oddball press.

thrift gift

Posted in art, books, thrift by thepaperwalls on December 11, 2008

This is my suggestion for those of you who are in similarly dire financial straits. It’s nothing new to me, but it may be to you, and thus, you may not know how to shop on a budget.  Here is afforable art at its best: independent, educational, accessible, and, yes, affordable.

I’m not normally a fan of semi-ironic celebrity portraiture, but I’ve been laughing over Aiyana Udesen’s “Drawing” book for years. This is why:

nelly cover nelly 2 nelly 3

nelly 6 nelly 10

The artist’s website, complete with examples of other books, is here.  The challenge comes in finding the book to purchase! I found it at both a local comic-book store, and a local bookstore.  So get away from the Internet for a moment and go look… it will make your gift more meaningful.

Of course, there’s also 20×200 for other affordable art, if you’re a bit lazy.


Posted in art, wood by thepaperwalls on December 2, 2008

Several years ago, I bought an arts magazine simply because it had pictures in it of some amazing wood sculptures by a then-unknown-to-me artist named AJ Fosik. I became obsessed with his works, attempted (laughably) to save up some money to buy some, but eventually had to settle for making him my myspace friend (heh).   Sadly, years later, I am in no more of a position to have one of these threatening me from my walls, but they are still great to look at from a distance:

ghost-of-local-absurdists    ghost-of-the-white-rose

untitled1      untitled2

all-that-predeterminism    goodbye-horses

AJ Fosik is represented by Jonathan Levine Gallery.

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Posted in art, thrift by thepaperwalls on November 30, 2008

Paintings of unknown provenance add mystery to the walls. And mystery inspires conjecture. And conjecture just inspires.


a boat



(found at an Out of the Closet thrift store, los angeles, ca)


(found at a garage sale, los angeles, ca)



(found in a thrift store, boyle heights, los angeles, ca)



(found in a thrift store, pomona, ca)



(found in an Out of the Closet thrift store, los angeles, ca)


paint-by-number boat

(found on ebay by MW)

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