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Posted in books, film, graphic design, thrift by thepaperwalls on December 16, 2008

Again in honor of gift-giving times, here’s a book that was given to me by the lovely Africia H. Before I even got to reading the film history inside, I was struck by the layouts of its pages:


americanmovie76    americanmovie77

americanmoviegreed americanmoviehunter

Thanks again, Africia! There are some great stills in the book, little works of art in themselves.

Everett Aison, its designer, was also a screenwriter and director, an author, a designer of title sequences and film posters, and co-founder of the School of Visual Arts Film School.  That’s just the kind of multifaceted involvement in media, and film in particular, that I admire…


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  1. cdv said, on December 17, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    i see you scanned the Night of the Hunter page. nice.

    i swear, you can pause that movie at any spot and it would be a beautifully composed image.

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