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Posted in thrift by thepaperwalls on December 8, 2008

Possibly my favorite thrift-store find is the $1 lunar globe found in a bin of clothing and broken toys in the as-is section of the St. Vincent de Paul.  Like many people, I’ve always been fond of globes.  Of looking at them, learning from them, wasting time playing the spin-the-globe, drop-your-finger-somewhere-ramdomly game.  The lunar globe adds an even greater fantasy element to the game, and to whichever room it’s in.

The shapes of the surface elements are interesting, but the nomenclature fascinates me more.  I see an Edison crater, but have not found a Tesla yet.  Even the moon has its controversies.  Cabinet magazine recently had an article about the naming of features on Mercury.  The Mercury Task Group opted to utilize the names of cultural figures rather than scientists.  They made an effort to be cross-cultural, but have almost entirely excluded women.  Uh, there are women in all cultures, folks.  But I guess you can’t make everybody in the universe happy.

lunar globe

lunar globe

lunar globe


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